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Бесплатный pdf конвертер может быть использован для создания pdf файлов из документов любого. Powerful, free online tools and community for creating beautiful custom content. Clickteam Fusion Developer Free Download. It is full offline installer standalone setup of Clickteam Fusion v Build R Thank you for using Panzoid! Your download is starting Send us your suggestions and feedback Thank you for. If you start up the Editor, you might not have all the panel windows open. To open other panel windows open the menu option window and enable the panel you want.

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Imprint Privacy Policy. To open other panel windows open the menu option window and enable the panel you want.

Clickteam Fusion 2.5 Developer Free Download

You can adjust the width and height of the panels by dragging the outlines and if you want to close a window you can simply press the cross right of the panel name.

Viewport Navigation The navigation is quite like in Maya. View Options By simply right-clicking into the viewport panel you get the View Options. You can create them once and then with the View Options you can choose the camera to view at your scene from different angles quickly.

You might notice that if you rotate, the camera is rotated. If you have a big level this behaviour is very useful, but if you want to look at one particular object this can be quite awkward.

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To change the rotation to Framed Rotate you first have to select your object either by clicking on it directly or by choosing it from the scene-graph and the framing the selected object by pressing the F key. Now the camera is rotating around your last framed object. You can select the visual appearance of the object with Shaded solid surface or Wireframe only edges of the object are visible If you have large scenes, you can toggle the visibility of lights, audio sources, physics and the cameras by checking them on the show submenu.

You can also use the Selectable submenu to toggle whether you can select lights, audio sources or cameras.

Furthermore you can toggle the grid and the polycount on and off. Profile gives you the ability to choose different hardware profiles adequate for your system.

Debug can be used to find errors e. It is basically the same you have in Maya. It shows all objects you have in your scene and also the parent-child relationship between your objects. The Transform Group is the basic building block of your scene. You can use a TransformGroup to move all the attached objects just by moving the Transform Group since the children inherit the transformations of the parent.

Now you can see it in the Scenegraph, its name is transform.

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  • To change the name just select it and go to the attributes panel. At the very top of the panel you can choose the name of your object.

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    Make two TransformGroups and name them Parent and Child. As you can see now, the child is now connected to the parent. If you now move around the parent, the transformation of the child is affected too whereas the child can be moved around without affecting the parent. Notice that pasted objects are always children of the currently selected object. If you want to paste an object on the highest hierarchy level of the scenegraph be sure that nothing is selected in the scenegraph.

    This can be achieved by clicking at an empty space in the scenegraph panel. Toolbar The toolbar looks like this. If your pointing on the icons with your mouse, a text with the functionality of the tool is displayed.

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    Toggle Local- World Mode A handy tool is the toggle Local- World Mode, it changes the orientation of the viewport transform gizmo from the local space of your object to world space. Grid Snapping Use this option to snap objects to a predefined grid. Now you have a terrain to play with.

    See how to make animation

    If the scenegraph panel is still open it might cut off a bit, just close it to get more space. MMB can be used to smooth and the value defines the force with which you pull or push. What happens here is, that you are painting a height map, that defines the height of each point of your terrain by giving it a grey-value. The attributes Opacity, Hardness and the Value are defining the "brush" you are painting the height map with.

    Just play around with the setting. You can change the radius of the brush with the shortcuts "V" and "B" and you can change the opacity value of the brush quickly with "N" and "M".

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    In the terrain texture paint mode next to the terrain sculpt icon you can colorize your terrain with different textures. The used texture layers are defined in the i3d-file. If you want to change the texture layers, you have to open the i3d with a text editor and change the layers there Just choose your texture and paint onto your terrain.

    With the Chunk vis checkbox on, you can see exactly which texture layers you used in a chunk by what amout.

    You can use as many texture layers as you want, but you are limited to a maximum of four texture layers per chunk. User Attributes The user attributes panel is typically not visible if you open the editor for the first time. Select an object in the scenegraph to see its user attributes.

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    User Attributes can be defined in the editor and then be used in the engine eg. This enables you to define object specific attributes for every object in the scene.

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  • Animation Panel You can preview animation sets with the animation panel. Particle System Panel The particle system panel allows you to edit particle systems with real time preview. Spline Editing You can edit splines by picking a control vertex CV of a spline an moving it around. Delete or insert new control vertices with the keys delete and insert. Scripting Here you can execute script snippets.

    Paste X,Y,Z components at once can also be copied from a text source in the format "x y z".